Video Concierge


Why using video concierge service by Nevicom ?

You want to integrate videoconferencing and telepresence within your company but fear that your users, no so technophiles, may not be able to use it?
you resort occasionally videoconferencing in an emergency and you are afraid of not knowing technically to start the call manager or your visio?
You are director and wish to focus only on the content of your meeting without worrying about the technical aspects


  • This is a comprehensive service that offers customers the best infrastructure and videoconferencing technology present to market.
  • Mastering these technologies makes the Video Concierge an optimal solution, combining IT expertise and high-end customer relations, to support and an intelligent supervision of videoconferencing activities.
  •  This quality of service is ensured before, during and after each videoconference at anytime worldwide.

Nevicom’s video concierge offers the user support and equipement outsourcing :


  • The welcome and support of users for booking video conferences with several participants (several locations) and in case of difficulty in using the service.
  • The supervision, management, remote administration and operational maintenance of central facilities.
  • Potential anomalies monitoring, information feedback, and treatment.
  • The reportings, operating balances, usage statistics and advising the client on the changes to be implemented.